J2ME Development

J2ME stands for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition. J2ME was developed by Sun Microsystems, now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. J2ME is used in many devices starting from industrial devices to mobile phones and set-top boxes.

We at Eazesoft always keep up with the most recent technologies and applications to deliver up-to-date solutions to our clients. High professionalism and the creative approach of our developers, the experience Eazesoft team has accumulated over the years allows us to act as experts in this field, approach each idea or plan with great attention and present unique solutions to you.

Our developers are experienced in working with different operating systems and frameworks for designing best applications for our clients. During the development process our engineers utilize the following tools and technologies: CLDC/CDC, MIDP Framework, J2MEPolish, Blackberry Framework, Netbeans, Eclipse, Sun Wireless Toolkit, Nokia Emulators, Sony Eriksson Emulators, Blackberry IDE, Blackberry Device Emulators and others.

Eazesoft has the following expertise in the sphere of J2ME Application Development:

  • Developing BlackBerry applications
  • Developing J2ME gaming applications
  • Creating feature-rich multimedia applications
  • Designing applications that use Bluetooth, WAP, GPRS
  • Building various business applications
  • Developing location-based applications like city guides, GPS navigation, etc
  • Implementing image capturing applications
  • Creating applications for personal assistance
  • Designing health/fitness applications
  • Porting applications to other operating systems

If you are looking for a top-quality J2ME application or only planning to get one, Eazesoft is the number one choice for you! Before signing a contract with us, our experts will analyze your ideas and come up with several solutions that can meet even the most sophisticated requirements and satisfy to the highest expectations.

  • Great experience in mobile application development and related technologies
  • Reliable and top quality services
  • Short development terms and reasonable rates

We have a team of experienced J2ME developers with some of the strongest analytical skills in the industry. You can come to us with your business ideas, and our analysts will sum up all your needs and requirements, propose the right solution according to your project requirements and deliver!

Eazesoft also offers flexible cooperation schemes - contact us for more details.

Eazesoft will take the best from mobile, embedded and wireless technologies to deliver unique innovative J2ME solutions customized to your needs. If you need a specific J2ME application you can rely on our development team - we will utilize our experience and skills to turn your business ideas into a successful application.

Please contact us to know more or get a quote.