The Pharmacy storeowners have to maintain daily stock, products requisitions, sales, purchase, accounts, various transactions and bank accounts frequently. They also have to maintain suppliers’ transactions, and various types of payments from customers like credit/debit card or cheque payments. Sometime these maintenance jobs are too much hazardous. That is why we developed Eaze Pharmacy POS to remove this maintenance hazard and make flow easier and better.

Feature List

  • Various types of Drug Inventory Management.
  • Procurement or Requisition Management.
  • Maintain financial transaction of various drug suppliers.
  • Record all banking transaction.
  • Generate and store voucher of every sales.
  • Point of Sale
  • Customer Management System.
  • Employee Management and performance record.
  • Customer management with purchase history.
  • Maintain Goldsmith is working history and payment info.
  • Record all upcoming and pending payments.
  • Clearing house for cheque and Credit/Debit card payments.
  • Notification of all upcoming and pending payments (Accounts Receivable and Payable)
  • Notification of daily sales/expense reports of last 30 days through graphical representation.
  • Generate sales report on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.
  • Generate stock report on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.
  • All Type of cash flow report.
  • Multi level user authentication.
  • Database backup and restore system.

Benefits of Using

  • You can track every steps of your business easily.
  • It will take your mental pressure away by reminding you the Stock requisition and upcoming & pending payments.
  • You can easily check income, expense and sales of any time interval and can take effective steps to improve your business.
  • You can track your employees’ performance.
  • You can easily track your jewelry stocks.
  • Overall, you will have full control of your business.

Technical Talk

This product has been developed by our Desktop Development team which is under our software development service. Please contact us to know more.