Android Development

We at Eazesoft are proud to offer services in developing mobile device applications for the Android platform, which is a framework developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. This acts as both a platform and operating system for mobile devices and provides a myriad of opportunities in Android mobile application development.

Android provides developers with Java support, allowing them to create third party Java applications to be run on the Android platform. This allows our specialists to apply their experience and skills to the max in an effort to create, test and port applications onto mobile devices all in one smooth process.

Offering a wholesome multitasking environment and thorough mobile device core functionality access, Android creates a sizeable array of possibilities when it comes to Android mobile application development. Be it multimedia, gaming, office-related or communications capabilities, our developers will work around the clock to ensure a quality result.

Furthermore, we have the capabilities for supporting GPS and Wi-Fi oriented applications for the Android platform. Such extended functionality coupled with a wide array of media-related capabilities allows us to meet any and all requirements set forth for the applications we develop.

We develop Android applications for the following categories:

In many aspects Android is considered to be one of the most flexible and open platforms and its use is not limited to mobile phones. Android is gaining a leading position as a native OS for a variety of tablet computers. We have the necessary Android development expertise in delivering Samsung Galaxy Tab applications and Advent Vega applications.

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