EazeSoft designed to meet the needs of today's fast growing business firms that require experienced IT consultancy support. DataSoft aims to provide companies with experienced and motivated IT consultants. They also provide support to the small to medium businesses that currently do not have support contracts. EazrSoft can provide everything from initial design and draft requirements, help with the specifications needed to satisfy business needs, advice on testing, installation, and systems integration, right through to support of clients IT infrastructure. Please contact us directly to get a quote.

Application Migration

Eazesoft 's Application Migration, Re-engineering & Modernization services help customers to modernize and migrate from older platforms to newer ones with minimum risks. Eazesoft has effectively modernized legacy applications by improving operational efficiency, reducing the cost of doing business and improving information assets. We have a proven track record of successfully modernizing large mission-critical mainframe and legacy system projects for many clients. Please contact us directly to get a quote.

Database Migration

Eazesoft offers productive database migration tools for stored procedure migration, SQL migration, and data migration. It offers comprehensive migration solution across a wide range of databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB, Teradata, Netezza, Sybase ASE, MySQL, Informix, and PostgreSQL. SwisSQL's automated database migration solutions helps you save more than 90% of migration effort involved in database migration projects. Please contact us directly to get a quote.

Domain And Web Hosting

Eazesoft has brought the highest quality and best support in its web site hosting endeavor to meet specially the needs of small to large business companies of Bangladesh. Whether you want a small web presence or very large corporate web site hosted for the entire world to see, Eazesoft is here to help you in taking the next step. Please contact us directly to get a quote.


Maintenance is the modification of a software product after delivery to correct faults, improve performance, or other product attributes, or to adapt the product to a new or changing environment. This topic area provides resources relevant to all aspects of software maintenance. Please contact us directly to get a quote.


With dynamic markets and evolving business models, organizations need to stay agile to maintain and improve their competitive edge. Making sure that your IT infrastructure is aligned with your broad business goals and remains flexible is key component of such a strategy. The Eazesoft Software Upgrade Service gives you more control over this essential flexibility. Reach new heights with our impressive array of enhancement applications. One of the big advantages of using Eazesoft for offshore software upgrade development is that we extend our development and field services teams to meet specific customer requirements. Please contact us directly to get a quote.